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Copyright Registration Mumbai_Copyright Registration India_Book Copyright Registration_Logo Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration Mumbai_Copyright Registration India_Book Copyright Registration_Logo Copyright Registration
Copyright Registration
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  • Experienced Copyright Attorney
  • 10+ Years of Experience in Copyright & IP Laws
  • Empanelled Trademark Facilitator with Govt of India’s Startups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP) initiative
  • Our Clientele includes Writers, Artists, Authors, Software Developers.
  • Apply Copyright throughtout India
  • Free IP consultation for startups
  • 100% Online application, no physical presence needed
  • No Charges For Objection Reply | Highest Acceptance Rate.

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What is Copyright Registration In India?

Copyright Registration in simple term is the right to protect one’s artistic, cinematographic, sound, musical and computer related work. Copy Right is an old concept dating back to medieval era. It protects the right of creator of the work and enables him to initiate legal action against any person who copies.

Copyright Registration Protection In India

In India, Copyright is protected under Copy Right Act, 1957, and Copy Right Registry, Delhi is the only Government body constituted under the Act, which issues Copyright Registration Certificate throughout India. Indian Copy Right Act has provision to prosecute a person both civil as well as criminally when found guilty. Creator of the registered work can claim compensation for infringement along with any commercial losses incurred due to the infringement. You can check complete workflow of Copy Right application by visiting Copy Right Registry.

How To Apply?

Copy Right application in India is an online process. Copyright can be filed with assistance of Copy Right Attorney. Basic details are required with regards to the Copy Right work and the same is to be forwarded to the Copy Right Registry. Once basic formality is done, Registry examines the application and in case of no objection filed, final Copy Right Certificate is issued to the applicant. Copy Right  Registry send final certificate through post.

Alternatively, on the basis of Diary Number issued by Registry, Applicant is able to check live status of his Copy Right immediately.

Why Us?

Sanjog S. Pandere & Co. (SSP&Co.) provides complete range of services in field of Copy Right including filing and prosecution of applications and pursuing civil, criminal and administrative enforcement actions.

Our firm has vast experience in copy right registration, copy right infringement and copyright related activities throughout Mumbai and India.


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