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Patent registration provides legal protection for your invention under law.

patent registration, how to file for patent in india

Patent practice at Sanjog S. Pandere & Co. (SSP&Co.) encompasses a complete package offering the services of watching and searching, ratent registration filing and prosecution, pre-grant and post-grant proceedings, dispute resolution, strategizing and advising, portfolio management and renewal of patents.

Patent Registration In India

The patent professionals of the firm have wide ranged experience in drafting applications of various technologies and liaising with inventors, technical experts and in-house patent counsels in the preparation of specifications.

Patent Act:

The Patents Act 1970 – html | pdf (incorporating all amendments till 11-03-2015)

Patent Rules:

Patent Rules, 2003

Free Patent Consultation:

We have associates dedicated to help you with patent drafting, patent filing, patent hearing and various other aspect of patent prosecution throughout India.



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