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Product Design Registration

Product Design Registration is provided to unique shape and novel design of any product for e.g, shape of bottle, shape of furniture, textile design etc.

design registration

Why Us for Shape Registration

  • Experienced & Registered Attorneys and Lawyers
  • Get Design Application Number In An Hour
  • Empanelled Facilitator with Govt of India’s Startups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP) initiative
  • Our Clientele includes Pharma, Real Estate, Start Ups, Foreign MNC’s, E commerce websites, Entrepreneurs and many more…
  • Design Once Registered Is Protected For 10 Years
  • Free IP consultation for startups
  • 100% Online application, no physical presence needed
  • Free adverse status change update

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What does design registration means in simple terms?

An application to protect unique designs of your product under Design Act.

How is product design different for patent?

A patent registration is granted to inventions, where as under Design Act, designs are protected if the same are novel (new).

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