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  • Experienced Trademark Attorneys and Lawyers
  • 10+ Years of Experience in Trademark & IP Laws
  • Ex. Registered Member of (INTA)
  • Empanelled Trademark Facilitator with Govt of India’s Startups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP) initiative
  • Our Clientele includes from Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Start Ups, MNC’s, E commerce websites, Entrepreneurs and International sector.
  • International Trademark Registration (Madrid Protocal)
  • Free IP consultation for startups
  • 100% Online application, no physical presence needed
  • Start using TM sign in an hour!
  • No Charges For Objection Reply | Highest Acceptance Rate.

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More than just application, our firm tries to provide you overall benefits of Trademark Registration under provisions of law. We provide you a complete picture on how a trademark can affect your long term business goals, and hence thorough search and suggestion is provided by us on how you can choose a brand name for your business.

If You Applying For Trademark Registration Avoid These Mistakes.

Trademark Registration though a simple process, you need to be very careful while choosing a brand name, a wrong choice can cause huge financial and goodwill loss in future if your brand name is pulled up in any litigation or any legal dispute.

Your business’s trademark serves as its face, demanding careful consideration when authorizing someone for the registration process. Opt for seasoned and expert attorneys to safeguard this crucial aspect. In today’s globalized landscape, heightened vigilance is imperative. Continuously monitor for potential trademark infringements and be cautious to avoid unknowingly encroaching on someone else’s intellectual property rights. Your proactive approach in choosing and overseeing the handling of your trademark can significantly mitigate risks in this dynamic and interconnected business environment. Choose wisely, stay vigilant, and protect the unique identity that sets your business apart.

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We thrive to help you not just as an applicant but as a small contributor in nation building process via you and your trademark.

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